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Growing Rapidly Through Innovative Business Practices — In this podcast, our founder, Alex Gertsburg, was interviewed by Law Firm Excellence.


Minding Your Business on WJCU 88.7FM – Alex Gertsburg answers questions about Salary Transparency with DB and her guests [16:30]. What can, and can’t, be shared when it comes to how much you make in the workplace.


10-Minute Legal Talks with the Attorneys of GLF – These short legal discussions cover issues relevant to business owners and consumers in real terms.

Meg Pauken on Estate Planning: In this brief interview, Meg Pauken talks about why estate planning is not just for the super-wealthy, what you need to think about at the various stages of your life, and why she loves her work.

Max Julian on Essential Clauses in Contracts: Learn the basics of contracts from Max Julian, including which provisions must be included in an enforceable contract and why each one is important.

Gene Friedman on Real Estate Leases: Are you sure your real estate lease is valid and enforceable? When does it need to be notarized? Should you have an attorney involved? Gain more confidence in your lease agreements in this talk with Gene Friedman.


Best.Podcast.Ever. – Best.Podcast.Ever. is a collaboration between Alex of The Gertsburg Law Firm, and Molly of the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce. Meet amazing and successful people from Northeast Ohio and beyond. New episodes available most Wednesdays. Stream or download episodes, and subscribe at Our attorneys have been interviewed in the following episodes:

Episode 22 – Meet Nate Haskell: Get to know Nate in this episode of Best.Podcast.Ever, a collaboration between Alex Gertsburg of The Gertsburg Law Firm, and Molly Gebler of the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce. Nate helps us make sense of Securities Law what a Securities Lawyer does for small businesses. How exactly does a music teacher become a lawyer?

Episode 26 – Go Ask Alex: How well do you know your friendly local business lawyer, Alex Gertsburg? Molly deconstructs her BPE co-host, a young immigrant to America, who joined the army, went to Iraq, and started his own law firm. We learn who has most influenced him and how a Spelling Bee continues to haunt him today.


Our Videos


3(ish) Minutes: New Trends in Law Firm Billing – The Gertsburg Law Firm is the first all value-billing business law firm in Northeast Ohio.  This means we bill for our work product and our results, not the amount of time we spend on it. Alex Gertsburg sat down with Steve Millard of COSE to explain innovative new billing strategies that law firms and their clients are using. Watch this short video to learn about ways to save money on your legal expenses.

GLF Legal Seminars

A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit, September 12, 2017

CROWDFUNDING: THE NEW FRONTIER IN FUNDRAISING, presented by Nate HaskellWe all hear a lot about crowdfunding and how much it can do for non-profits, but how much of that is hype, and what does it take to get a crowdfunding campaign in motion, let alone successful?  This session will cover the state of crowdfunding and some basic legal and logistical considerations for getting a campaign launched.  But most importantly, we’ll discuss the importance of “why” – for you, for your donors, and for your organization and its mission.

MY VOLUNTEER DID WHAT?!?! presented by Mark TurnerVolunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. However, volunteers cannot be managed or controlled the way an employee can. By using volunteer guidelines, background checks, and smart management, an NPO can protect itself against well-intentioned, but wayward volunteers. These same types of procedures should also be utilized for employees.

What Matters Most: Protecting and Connecting Your Family and Your Legacy, October 18, 2017, presented by Meg Pauken

5 things you need to do before a health crisis occurs: After a health crisis occurs, it may be too late to take certain actions that could have a significant impact on your ongoing care, your family’s ability to manage your affairs, and the handling of your estate. You want to make things as easy as possible for your family members who will be looking after you, so thinking ahead is critical, and it need not involve a re-write of your entire estate plan.  There are a few key items that, if addressed, could make a dramatic difference for your loved ones.

Giving it all away while keeping them all together: charitable family foundations – not just for the super wealthy: You dream of doing something big, something lasting, something beyond your family, home, and business that will have a positive impact on the world. Your deepest hope is that your family will stay connected after you are gone, and not drift apart as so many families do. Creating a Charitable Family Foundation is a way to achieve both goals: it allows you to leave a legacy that lives on through your family.  It also has significant tax benefits. A Charitable Family Foundation is a tool for doing good and a tool that allows you to start a tradition of giving that will involve your family for generations to come.

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