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Lending agreements are the lifeblood of almost every business. Most businesses need capital to pay for real estate, equipment, inventory, insurance, payroll, overhead, marketing, and a full range of expenses. Even companies that are in the black need funds to expand their locations, add new products or services, and grow their clientele. Lenders need protections to make reasonably certain that those loans can be repaid.

At Gertsburg Law our attorneys understand what types of loan agreements work best for both small and large companies. We understand that a good lending agreement requires due diligence to understand the current and future asset, debt, and income structures of the business that is obtaining the loan. Our Chagrin Falls banking attorneys understand that getting venture capital for a start-up business is much different than getting a loan to purchase a new building.

Types of business loans

Loans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our lawyers negotiate and draft:

  • Standard commercial loans
  • New venture loans
  • Development loans
  • Lending agreements based on assets
  • Leveraged loans
  • Loans secured by collateral, such as intellectual property and accounts receivable
  • Syndicated loans where there are multiple lenders
  • Lease finance transactions
  • Real estate mortgages

We work with companies requesting the loans, and the banks and businesses granting the loans to:

  • Properly negotiate the terms of the loans
  • Comply with any local state or federal regulatory requirements, such as disclosure notices
  • Correctly draft and amend any contracts
  • File all necessary papers, such as filing mortgages with the local recorder of deeds office
  • Renegotiate or consolidate loans when necessary

We handle loans across a wide array of business sectors, including telecommunications, energy, real estate, and vehicles, among many others. Our Cleveland business lawyers make sure proper legal documents address interest structures, tax benefits, letters of credit, purchase and sale contracts, security/collateral, restructuring, and all relevant business interests. We also litigate business-lending agreements when there is a claim that the lending agreements are in default.

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Lending agreements are a delicate balance. The loans should be structured to give the creditor the best chance to pursue the company’s goals but in a way that assures that payments will be made, equity will grow, and the obligations of the company are met. At Gertsburg Law our Chagrin Falls and Cleveland lending agreement lawyers have decades of experience. We understand the lending agreement market, the best way to finance lending agreements, and the risks that accompany each loan. For professional advice on your company’s needs, please phone our firm at 440-571-7777 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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