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A business compliance audit reviews many aspects of the business’s operations. Compliance reviews examine if the company is meeting regulatory guidelines. There are many regulations that govern security, privacy, financial disclosures, environmental compliance, and other aspects of the company. Compliance reviews can vary depending on whether the company is a private or public company, a nonprofit or profit, and where the company is located.

Internal compliance reviews are also valuable in making sure the business is complying with the company bylaws, charters, and best practices. At Gertsburg Law Cleveland compliance attorneys also recommend internal reviews of each department to make sure the company is ready to handle risks, grow efficiently and quickly, create a good working environment, and manage its finances properly.

The external compliance audits our firm recommends

Our business attorneys work with external auditors such as IT professionals, accountants, and health professionals to review:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act compliance. The SOX Act is meant to protect company shareholders and the public from fraudulent practices.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. HIPAA protects the privacy of electronically stored medical records.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The PCI-DSS is aimed at protecting credit card data.

There are many other state and federal laws that require an external review. Our Chagrin Falls compliance audit attorneys work with the company to prepare for the audit, implement any recommendations, and respond to any adverse findings.

Recommended internal reviews

The senior attorneys in Gertsburg Law’s General Counsel practice group have served as in-house counsel for some of the leading corporations in the Cleveland and Chagrin Falls area and throughout Ohio. We have hands-on experience working with the departments of businesses, large and small, providing in-depth assistance with:

  • Human resources. We help the HR department with internal review policies, creating a handbook for employees, investigating instances of suspected fraud or sexual harassment, informing supervisors and HR about what constitutes discrimination and taking steps to avoid it, explaining the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other employer/employee matters.
  • Helping companies grow and expand. Assisting in the development of strategic planning goals, including labor-management relations, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures, customer relations, real estate purchases, marketing, and branding.
  • Payroll. Working with the accounting department to respond to complaints of fraud, streamlining the payroll process, reviewing that proper tax papers are being filed, coordinating payroll with vacation schedules, determining the need to deduct for workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation, and addressing benefits such as health care insurance and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).
  • Safety. In addition to advising the company on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and Ohio safety standards, we review the need for regular inspections and necessary repairs of all equipment and all parts of the premises. We also help draft safety guidelines for the employees.
  • Environmental compliance. More and more the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) requires that companies meet environmental standards. Our lawyers explain the standards that apply and what steps should be taken to meet them. We also review the options that are available to create a green workspace.
  • Contract review. We review your form contracts and advise what new terms may need to be added for each type of contract. Contracts cover a broad variety of areas including executive compensation, non-disclosure agreements, contracts with customers, vendor relations, real estate, and every aspect of the business.
  • Ethical issues. We conduct internal reviews to expose conflicts of interest, illegal behavior, or ethical behavior. Improper ethics can affect relationships with shareholders, vendors, customers, and the various departments of the company. We also advise the company about what protocols should be created to detect and punish ethical misconduct.
  • Risk management. Every part of the company needs to be prepared and have plans in place in case danger strikes. IT departments need backups and possibly cloud services. The right insurance should exist in case fire, theft, malicious conduct, or accidents happen. Intellectual property should be protected. Plans should exist in case key personnel leave the company or die.

Audits should also be done to address corporate governance, labor and employee relations, talent management, and best management practices.

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Thorough preparation is the best defense to negative audits, to mistakes in judgment or performance, to accidents, fraud, and unusual dangers. At Gertsburg Law we know the parts of the company that need to be audited. Our Chagrin Falls and Cleveland compliance audit lawyers understand how the various parts of a company inter-relate. We work to review your plans and strategies, update and educate your workers, address specific regulations, monitor performance, and target the highest risks. To help your company meet and exceed its obligations to shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, and the community, please call our firm at 440-571-7777 our complete our contact form.

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