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Powers of attorney (POAs) are valuable tools for any individual who wants to ensure his or her wishes are carried out. At Gertsburg Law, we help clients to identify which POAs may be necessary, and which people are best suited to serve. From our offices in Chagrin Falls and Cleveland, our estate planning attorneys have protected the rights and futures of clients in Ohio, offering practical, solution-based counsel designed with your needs in mind.

Choosing the right Power of Attorney for your needs

By creating a power of attorney, you (the grantor, or principal) provide an individual or organization (the agent) with the legal authority to make decisions and to take actions on your behalf. Our lawyers routinely draft POA documents to assist with a variety of needs. Those documents may include:

  • Durable powers of attorney. This broad option allows the agent to handle all of the grantor’s affairs. A durable POA immediately goes into effect when grantor becomes incapacitated, and may allow the agent to act on your behalf indefinitely.
  • Nondurable powers of attorney. This option is more structured, often applying to only a specific aspect of the grantor’s affairs and for a specified amount of time. Precise drafting is critical to ensure that the powers and limitations of the agent are clearly set forth.
  • Healthcare powers of attorney. A medical power of attorney gives the agent the authority to make medical decisions for a principal who is unable to make decisions for himself/herself.
  • Limited powers of attorney. This specified option is used to grant authority for one specific event or transaction. It may not require the principal’s incapacitation for activation.
  • Springing powers of attorney. A springing power of attorney automatically activates when a specific event occurs. It can include a broad range of authorizations and be durable or nondurable.

Let a seasoned Chagrin Falls estate planning lawyer help you decide which option best meets your needs and individual interests. At our firm, we take the time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We will create a power of attorney that you may rely on when it is needed.

Questions to ask your lawyer about powers of attorney

A power of attorney provides the agent with significant authority over your finances, healthcare, and other personal affairs. It is a serious responsibility and an agent should treat it as such. For this reason, it is very important to carefully choose the most appropriate agent. When making this decision, consider the following questions:

  • Is this person willing to act as your agent?
  • Is this person fit to serve as your agent (in terms of health and financial responsibility)?
  • When do you want the agent’s responsibilities to go into effect?
  • Do you trust this person to appropriately handle your legal, financial, and/or medical affairs?

The skilled Cleveland estate planning attorneys of Gertsburg Law will help you identify an appropriate agent. Under certain circumstance, we can also act as your trusted power of attorney.

Trust an experienced Cleveland and Chagrin Falls lawyer to create an effective power of attorney

The attorneys at Gertsburg Law offer our clients the skill and knowledge that comes with years of estate planning experience. Our team prepares powers of attorney separately or as part of a complete estate plan for residents of Cleveland and Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Contact our office today at 440-683-6383 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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